CS 1.6: Vulcanus 9

Overview: A special sword developed by Aegis Institute and applied with Vulcanus Parts System. When the gas line parts are activated, it can deal tremendous damage to enemies.

+ High damage, especially in B mode
+ Does one hit kill against players in classic battles
+ Long attack range for a melee weapon, especially in B mode
+ Medium rate of slash and stun power in both modes
+ Does not affect player’s speed
+ Ammunition can be generated automatically
+ Destroys obstacles easily with both modes
+ Has afterburn effect
+ Illuminates surrounding as a flashlight in B mode (only applied for the wielder)

+ No knockback power or stun effect in both forms
+ Requires ammo to take advantage of Vulcanus form
+ Low magazine life span + Obtainable via Crafting only
+ Flames can be heard and seen with ease, revealing user’s approach



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