Скачать Мод [Zombie Plague Special] (4.0) для CS 1.6

Zombie Plague Special is a unofficial version edited in ZPA 1.6.1’s core using a stable, improved and optimized code which avoids server crashes and reduce lag.  And Some modes are added like Berserker, Predator, Bombardier (From ZP Shade), Wesker (From Zombie Apocalipse), Spy and Dragon. Added choose clase instantanly.  

Normal Modes: Simple Infection , Multiple Infection , Swarm Mode , Plague Mode , Armageddon.

Special Modes: Nemesis , Survivor , Assassin , Sniper , Berserker , Predator , Wesker , Bombardier , Spy , Dragon.
Custom Modes: Assassin Vs Sniper, Nightmare.
Custom Modes: Morpheus, Alien.    

Nemesis: Classic Zombie with more health, glow, aura and dmg.

Survivor: Classic Human with a M249 + Unlimited clip.
Assassin: Classic Zombie with a darkness map in your round.
Sniper: Classic Human with a Very Strong AWP can kill a zombie with one bullet.
Berserker: Human with samurai sword like Ninja.
Predator: Invisible Zombie that when takes shot he returns to be visible again for a few seconds.
Wesker: From Zombie Apocalipse. Human with Deagle more Damage.
Bombardier: From Zombie Plague Shade. Zombie with infinities kill bombs.
Spy: Human with Simmilar Predator’s Habilities and More Damage with M3 Shotgun.
Dragon: Can Fly and Unleash Fire and Ice.
Morpheus: Human With MP5 with unlimited clip and more damage
Alien: Zombie with more health, glow and aura (Like Nemesis).



— First Post


— Removed Another mods (Dragon/Padre/Chuck Noris) — Added New Natives and Forwards — Fixed Bug of Of Special Zombies using zombie classes’s skills — Optmizied code — Removed .ini of extra itens and zombie classes — Added p_  model for Special Humans — Added Wesker & Bombardier Mod

2.0 Fix

— Fixed Berserker Knife Model


— Fixed Ambiences Sounds — Added native zp_get_last_mode()


— Added Spy Mode — Re-added Dragon Mode — Fixed Lang — Optimized code — Fixed Small Bug off Predator’s Power when Handle Models Separate is enable — Fixed Predator’s Glow cvar


— Added New Natives — Fixed Small bug on Open zombie class after infection — Added Bot Suppot of Dragon Skills (Unleash Fire & Ice Only, Fly is not possible) — Etc


— Added New Natives — Fixed Bot Extra Item Support — Readded .ini for zombie classes and extra itens (This file is auto create) — Added Some Cvars — Etc


— Optimized Code — Added cvar «zp_choose_zclass_instantanly» — Added native lost on include (zp_override_user_model) — You can turn off the special class (Nemesis/Survivor/Sniper/Etc..) you want if you have not liked


— Optimized Code — Added .ini file of Custom Game Modes — Added Bot Suppot for Bombardier Grenade — Etc


— Optimized Code — Fixed Fog — Fixed Knockback — Added Some Natives (zp_register_human_special/zp_register_zombie_special/Etc) — Etc

3.0 Fix

— Fixed Make Custom Zombie Special Menu


— Fixed AnthRax Hud style — Fixed Bug of Predator and Spy not turn invisible to those who play in Software Mode — Fixed Choose Zombie Class instantanly — Fixed Some Error Logs — Added Native (zp_get_special_class_name)


— Fixed Choose Zombie Class instantanly when frozen — Fixed Zombie class save when have some characters — Fixed zombie pain free — Added Some Natives (zp_get_special_class_id/zp_get_zombie_class_realname) — Fixed custom special class’s rounds


— Added 4.3 fix 5a’s all contains and fixes


— Fixed cvar «zp_surv_damage_multi» — Added New Natives — Added Cvars for turn on/off frozing Nemesis/Assassin/Predator/Bombardier/Dragon — Added Configuration for turn on/off frozing Custom Special Zombies — Removed cvar «zp_random_weapons» because are changed for «zp_random_primary» and «zp_random_secondary» (Like ZP 5.0)


— Added Zombie Escape Map Suport — Fix Bug on Custom Special Classes Game modes not start when have one people on server — Added Natives: (zp_is_escape_map | zp_do_random_spawn) — Added More New Cvars — Fixed Small Bug on precache ambience sounds — Fixed Bombardier Grenade when infection bomb is disable — Added p_ & w_ model for Grenades

3.5 Fix

— Removed Block use button before round begins (Reason: Some maps have button for open door on start) — Fixed Native zp_get_user_next_class


— Fixed T Model Precache — Added Configuration for enable/disable Special Classes (Custom and Normal) — Fixed native ze_is_escape_map — Fixed Log Error when player die before round begins — Readed cvar for change nvsion color  — Added cvar for disable/enable for peoples change nvision color in personal menu — Fixed cvar for change flashlight color  — Added cvar for disable/enable for peoples change flashlight color in personal menu — Added one Hud Style: Under Radar, Center AnthRax — Added cvar zp_zombie_escape_fail for zombies scoring when time up and humans not escaped in escape maps — Added configuration: «VIP ZOMBIE» for change vip zombie model — Added configuration: «ENABLE END ROUND SOUNDS» for enable/disable end round sounds — Added More Forwards for you custonomize more easily — Updated zombie_plague_special.ini and zombie_plague_special.cfg (Need Change when you update 3.5 to 4.0 for prevent bugs)

— Lang Updated (Need Change when you update 3.5 to 4.0 for prevent bugs)

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