Скачать Мод [Zombie Plague Mod 4.4] (Fix5a) для CS 1.6

Zombie Plague is a Counter-Strike server side modification, developed as an AMX Mod X plugin, which completely revamps the gameplay, turning the game into an intense «Humans vs Zombies» survival experience. This is a update of Zombie Plague Mod 4.3 Fix5a from MeRcyLeZZ.
v4.4 Fix5a (Nov 27, 2015):
New Gameplay Modes: Assassin, Sniper, Armageddon, Apocalypse, Nightmare Added support to configure the weapons of the bots Added support to configure the survivor aura color Added new menu (Admin Modes Menu) Added new grenade sprites Fixed the bug of zombie bots buy extra items Updated the hud stats of the humans and zombies Added new cvar to give armor to human (zp_human_armor_amount) Added new cvar to block buying extra items if the round does not start (zp_block_buy_extra) Updated the extra items menu (Zombie Plague 5.0 style) Removed the ‘Help’ menu (it is not needed or used) Fixed: give additional items when the player spawn Blocked the spawn weapons (Glock18 & USP)  

Weapons of bots:

Add the name of the weapon (weapon names) you want to enable (zombie_plague_v44.ini)

Weapon Names:

give_item() accepts a string name of the weapon/item…    Example for a Deagle: give_item( id, «weapon_deagle» )    These are the item names:  Code: // Weapons:  weapon_usp  weapon_glock18  weapon_deagle  weapon_p228  weapon_elite  weapon_fiveseven  weapon_m3  weapon_xm1014  weapon_mp5navy  weapon_tmp  weapon_p90  weapon_mac10  weapon_ump45  weapon_famas  weapon_sg552  weapon_ak47  weapon_m4a1  weapon_aug  weapon_scout  weapon_awp  weapon_g3sg1  weapon_sg550  weapon_galil  weapon_m249    // Ammo:  ammo_45acp  ammo_9mm  ammo_50ae  ammo_357sig  ammo_57mm  ammo_buckshot  ammo_556nato  ammo_762nato  ammo_338magnum  ammo_308  ammo_556natobox   // Items: item_kevlar item_assaultsuit weapon_flashbang weapon_hegrenade weapon_smokegrenade item_thighpack item_nvgs


[Weapons of the bots] (randomly chosen if more than one) // Line 217 BOT WEAPONS = weapon_m4a1 , weapon_ak47 , weapon_p90 , add_weapon_name_here // Line 218  


Mods: Counter-Strike 1.6 or Condition-Zero AMXX: Version 1.8.0 or later  


Download and extract the contents from the .zip files to your server’s mod directory (cstrike or czero) and make sure to keep folder structure

For further information on the plugin, including cvars and commands, take a look at the included patch_changelog.txt file

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