Представляю вашему внимаю мод для CS 1.6 — PUBG, данный мод находится на стадии [BETA] но вы уже можете попробовать поиграть в данный мод.


Представляю вашему внимаю мод для CS 1.6 — PUBG, данный мод находится на стадии [BETA] но вы уже можете попробовать поиграть в данный мод.


You must have already heard of the Battle Royale games which are taking over the planet, yes, I’m talking about PUBG and Fortnite.
This mod revamps the default game play into a new survival game play, where you have to kill everyone to survive.

Information regarding the mod

This mod only works on a single map, yes that’s boring but it’s almost impossible to make it compatible with many maps, you have to create an algorithm that finds random map corners for the airplane to spawn, make an algorithm to skip outside areas etc..


Official HLDS, ReHLDS won’t be supported due to Orpheu being used.
Orpheu (I’ve tested using latest version).
Random Origin Generator by HamletEagle.
Strip Weapons by Drekes
de_mon (The map this mod works on).


say /backpack    - Opens your backpack
say /track       - Keep track of spawned entities (not obligatory)
IN_USE           - Use a heal, just press no need to hold.
IN_JUMP          - Jump from the airplane.


csbr_parachute_fall_speed         -250.0  // Parachute fall speed, the lower the value, the slower it will be (dont put positive numbers)
csbr_parachute_deploy_time        0.5     // Parachute deploy time, after you jump, parachute will deploy in x seconds that you set
csbr_team_num                     32      // Number of teams, create as many as you need, so if your server has 32 players and you want solo mode, put 32
csbr_player_per_team              1       // Number of players in a team, an example of solos would be Num team 32 and Player per team 1, of duos would be 16 2 etc..
csbr_camera_switch                1       // Allow players to switch to 3rd person mode?
csbr_round_timer                  15      // Countdown timer until the round starts
csbr_airdrop_freq_min             15.0    // Minimum frequency of airdrop spawn
csbr_airdrop_freq_max             30.0    // Maximum frequency of airdrop spawn, so if you put min: 15.0 and max 30.0, an airdrop will spawn every 15-30 seconds (random)
csbr_airdrop_count                2       // Number of airdrops in a single round
csbr_airdrop_velocity             -200.0  // Airdrop velocity, works same as parachute velocity, the lower the value, the slower the fall
csbr_airdrop_open_distance        100.0   // Airdrop open distance, player can open airdrop when distance between him and airdrop is lower/equal to this value
csbr_min_players                  1       // Minimum players needed to start a round
csbr_airplane_disappear_time      20.0    // Time for the airplane to disappear, when airplane disappears all players jump automatically
csbr_medkit_consume_time          10      // Time needed to use a medkit (in seconds)
csbr_drink_consume_time           3       // Time needed to use a drink (in seconds)   
csbr_medkit_heal                  100     // Amount of HP that medkit gives you, note: Medkit sets your HP, not increase
csbr_drink_heal                   25      // Amount of extra HP a drink gives you, note: Drinks increase your HP, not directly set
csbr_redzone_start_time           120.0   // Time for red zone to appear (count starts when round starts)
csbr_redzone_tighten_freq         60.0    // Time for zone to start tightening (become smaller)
csbr_redzone_radius               2000.0  // Zone radius, the bigger the radius, the bigger the zone
csbr_glow_extra_damage            2       // Extra damage for each differnet glow, you have 4 different glows, GREY GREEN BLUE PURPLE GOLD, glows starting from GREEN to GOLD get 2x damage




DoNii (edon1337)

More information.


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